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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 4, 2021 (Indiana)

    INspi Board elected to New Term

    In December of 2020, INspi held an election for the Executive Board. Brandy Lord, with Integrity Investigations, Inc. chaired the election committee and conducted oversight of the elections that took place in December of 2020. 

    George Gergis, CLI, the primary investigator in northern Indiana for Investigative Support Unit, Inc, was elected to a second term as President of the Indiana Society of Professional Investigators (INspi).

    Steve Radde, the President of Radde Investigations & Security Agency Inc, was elected to a second term as Vice-President of INspi.

    Roger Getz, the President of Getz Investigations Inc, was elected Secretary of INspi.

    No candidates ran for Treasurer; however, Brandy Lord, the President of Integrity Investigations Inc, received  numerous write-in votes. She accepted the position after being appointed to the vacancy in 2019 and has agreed to continue to serve in that position.  

    During the board’s leadership in the last two years, INspi completed a project of developing a guide for private sector investigators. The guide outlines the standards that measure quality for investigators and is known as the “INspi Quality Standards for Investigators Guide” first published in 2020.

    The IQSI guide was generated to assist investigators to perform with high quality standards, and provide knowledge to the general public on how to recognize quality service regarding private sector investigative services. An electronic version of the guide is anticipated to be available this year. Additional information on obtaining the guide can be found at the INspi website at

    INspi is a non-profit professional association with a purpose to promote the competency and integrity of the investigative and security service professions, to advance and safeguard the highest professional ethics, and to enhance and endorse those arts and sciences which raise the standards and techniques of the professions.



    Winter 2021 Newsletter (ANNUAL REPORT)

    Winter 2020 Newsletter (ANNUAL REPORT)

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