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    Support & Contribution to INspi


    Special Projects - IQSI Guide

    INspi Quality Standards for Investigations Guide 2020

    INspi Quality Standards of Investigations Guide 2020


    P.E.A.C.E. Investigative Interviewing On-Line Training Program 
    Now Available to INspi Members 

    INspi has partnered with the experts at Forensic Interview Solutions, the Leading Global Provider of P.E.A.C.E. Investigative Interviewing scenario-based training courses, to bring our members certification training in the P.E.A.C.E. Interviewing Method. 

    The P.E.A.C.E. framework embodies the drive to ETHICAL fact finding using scientifically endorsed interview methods.

    Their on-line P.E.A.C.E. training course now available to all INspi members at a special rate. 
    Send an email to [email protected] with the subject "PEACE" to receive your membership discount code.

    Video description of the course: Click Here for Video  

    Register for the course directly at: Register for ON-LINE PEACE click here

     FIS-International Website



    INspi SURVEILLANCE DAY - On-Line Webinar September 25, 2020

    4.0 hours CEU Credits  - INspi Members Cost: Free of Charge

    George Gergis has designed and hosted the webinar. He has been a private sector investigator since 1990 and has logged over 40,000 hours of field surveillance; has managed hundreds of surveillance investigators and has reviewed thousands of reports. The material is part of the training course utilized by George Gergis in training his company investigators, and it has been designed to be the best private sector surveillance training many had ever beed expose to. If you work surveillance investigations or thinking of working surveillance investigations, this is a must experience course. (Whether a beginner or veteran, all may learn from this material) 

    If you missed the training, please note that the webinar was recoreded and is available for viewing on the INVESTIGATORS TOOLBOX PLATFROM. 

    INspi is extremely happy to announce that the INVESTIGATORS TOOLBOX has become our most recent corporate sponsor and supporter. During the Surveillance Day Webinar the INVESTIGATORS TOOLBOX donated annual subscriptions that were randomly awarded to some lucky webinar attendees. 

    Also, as an added benefit for INspi members, all members are now eligible for a discount on the annual subscription for the INVESTIGATORS TOOLBOX.  
    (Members can request a discount code by emailing [email protected] )

    Look Inside the Investigators Toolbox Click Here to Open the INVESTIGATORS TOOLBOX


    IQSI 2020

    INspi Quality Standards for Investigations Guide 2020 

    Click Here to Order
    (If you are a Member in Good Standing, log in to order a free copy) 

    We have been working a special project to develop this comprehensive guide that is now available. THANK YOU! to all that assisted with the hard work, input, experience and research needed to complete this project. Together we are strong!

     Purpose of the Guide

    Members of INspi strive to build and assist others to build successful investigative practices in a constantly changing and challenging business environment. 

    Private sector investigators play key roles in facilitating justice in the American justice system, assisting with honest ethical commerce by businesses and assisting individuals to handle personal affairs with the individual and private manner entitled to each individual citizen. 

    INspi has a goal to help and guide our members to be successful and provide high quality standards for investigators. Furthermore, professional licensing in many professional and trade sectors is under assault around the country, as a detriment to employment opportunities. In Indiana in years past we have seen efforts to eliminate licensing of private investigator firms and security guard agencies. In such a climate, the development of quality standards becomes even more critical. 

    The standards and principles outlined in this handbook were prepared as a guide to assist our society members as private sector investigators to successfully produce high quality investigations and services. 



    Thank You to Kevin Whaley & THE CAMPBELL GROUP INSRUANCE! 
    The Campbell Group is the first corporate sponsor of INspi for 2020! 

    Thank you and WOW! The Campbell Group has pledged almost 10% of INspi’s annual budget for 2020!

    **THANK YOU, Campbell Group for your commitment to the professionals of Indiana**

    The Campbell Group offers a variety of business insurance packages to meet the needs of professional investigators and security guard agencies.

    Kevin Whaley has arranged a special rate program for INspi members with an on-line application process that can be accessed via:

    **Please Support the People that Support our Profession**

    Apply for Insurance On-Line
    or Contact Kevin Whaley phone:616.541.1435 email: [email protected]


    Thank You to all INspi Members & Supporters for Making 2019 Successful !
    Our 2019 Annual Report is now available: Winter 2020 Newsletter (ANNUAL REPORT 2019)

    Thank you all that Join us at
    the  INpsi  
    Annual Holiday Gathering & Networking Event
    This special event allowed us to show our appreciation for our colleagues, our staff and our friends
    “Special Holiday- Investigator & Staff Appreciation Day”
    Thank you all for making 2019 a great success! Be on the look out for more meetings! 



    A training conference and meeting geared with gear. Where you leared about the technology used for private sector investigations. It was an amazing opportunity to increase your skills, knowledge and help your business grow into the future.  Thank you all for making it a great success!  Be on the look out for our next meeting. 


    INspi Real Solutions for Real Challenges...

    The Indiana Society of Professional Investigators represents the best men and women with the skills and experience to provide solutions to the challenges faced by businesses, attorneys and individuals in today’s world. Our professional investigators and security consultants are dedicated to satisfying clients’ needs in the State of Indiana and beyond.

    The members of INspi have access to the resources and benefits necessary to succeed in today’s ever-changing business environment. Members of INspi are “The Professionals Who Provide Solutions.”



    • Are you a business owner who needs due diligence in a merger or acquisition matter, or an effective pre-employment screening program?

    • Do you need help in identifying assets to enforce a judgment or for service of process?

    • Do you need protection of personal property and real estate?

    • Do you need help to ensure the safe, effecient and profitable operations of your business?



    • Are you a personal injury attorney who needs a scene investigated and witnesses interviewed?

    • Are you a criminal defense attorney who needs a factual or mitigation investigation?

    • Are you a claims manager or insurance defense attorney charged with fighting fraudulent claims?

    • Are you a family law attorney who needs to protect your client’s children and assets?

    • Are you an attorney or estate executor who needs to find heirs or fight false claims?

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    We Provide Benefits to Our Members…


    • Networking with professionals from all corners of Indiana and beyond through our affiliations;

    • Regular seminars featuring training and continuing education designed to make you successful in your business;

    • Access to preferred vendors providing the latest in resources and technology;

    • An electronic newsletter with the latest news and events in Indiana and elsewhere;

    • An email listserve for access to other members expertise and assistance;

    • Affiliation with national and state legislative watch groups, to protect our members from adverse legislation; and

    • A preferred insurance provider who offers special rates for liability insurance.


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